So, I was driving home after the best Halloween party ever and I have to share what happened on the stretch of road between my place and ATL.

As I sat at a red light on Ponce, I heard what could only be described as the whistle of a train, but I couldn’t figure out where it was coming from. This went on for the some time, train whistle + me looking, then I discovered what I really wish I could show you rather than write.

In my rearview, I saw a very large, white pick-up truck swerve into the next lane with the driver hanging out his window waving to me and (you guessed it) honking his train horn. In utter shock, I delayed quite a bit before rolling my window down as well. To my wondering eyes appeared (in their passenger seat) a chicken, rather a man DRESSED AS A CHICKEN, who, with a simple wave, said “hey.” With my mouth hanging open, the polite Atlanta truck-driver asked about my night and how I was. All I could concentrate on were two things:

1. You have a horn that sounds like a train. You picked that. I just imagine how that went down. “No, I want the train one. Yes, I’ll pay extra.” After all, nothing says more about you than your personalized vehicle horn. In any case, I don’t think this should be legal. Seriously, I was looking for a train and that’s not really one of those sounds you want to blow off as though its nothing.

2. There is a chicken in the passenger seat. I know it’s Halloween, but this guy was not wearing his mask when they pulled up beside me. He put it back on as I was rolling my window down. He wanted me to see how awesome his chicken face was.

With these thoughts overtaking my mind, my answer to, “How was your night?” was unfortunately, “You’re truck is soooo loud!”

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