I moved in September and have been wanting to get to know my neighbors. Amidst the hustle and bustle of life, I have a desire to return to the small town days where borrowing a cup of sugar is common place.

Don’t get me wrong, I love traveling and have seen much of the world. In fact, almost any trip is appealing to me, but I see the value (now) of “planting” myself in a neighborhood where friends end the work day with long, leisurely dinners and conversations that last late into the night.

Did you know parents actually walk their kids to school — still? It happens in Candler Park. I don’t have kids, but there’s something sweet about what I saw one morning on my way to breakfast.

My life has been too broad, I think. I meet tons of people and run from one thing to the next. That’s why walking kids to school strikes a chord with me. I can imagine feeling connected to a neighborhood, a community, that it’s somehow “my” neighborhood–that I know the people. I know that sounds a  little Andy Griffith, but maybe you understand what I mean.

This Christmas, I decided to “get-to-know” the neighbors by creating a little holiday gift for the houses around mine. With the Christmas monsoon this week, I haven’t executed the plan quite yet, but I will before Sunday.

Me and some of my girlfriends got together and made Christmas Bark — a concoction of white chocolate with red and green peppermint; broken into bite size shards that are sure to communicate Merry Christmas. And thanks to Target’s modern gift tags (see pic) I wrote holiday notes and tied them to each bag.

I don’t know if this simple little gift will impact anyone but me, but I’m glad to have taken one small step to bridging the gap. What about you? What have you done to make your global world a neighborhood?

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